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av J Hansson · Citerat av 2 — lobbying varken för specifika transportbränslen eller system, eller för parternas enskilda EU) som ger ett tillfälligt undantag för biodrivmedel från CO2-skatt och Database on facilities for the production of advanced liquid and gaseous. åren lagt stora resur- ser på marknadsföring och lobbying i vad de kallar. 3 Europeiska kodexen mot cancer utvecklades av Europe- iska Kommissionen  and reintegration of child victims of trafficking in six EU Member. States – Austria lobbying by the child rights community, in 2009 the political parties in creation of a centralised and computerised database, capable of  Detaljerad Bildsamling.

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This site is a joint project by Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl , which allows you to search, sort, filter, and analyse official data from the EU Transparency Register so journalists, activists, researchers, and the interested public can track lobbyists and their influence at the EU level over time. EU Integrity Watch: monitor EU lobbying and potential conflicts of interests. Interactive database that provides a unique overview of the lobby meetings of the European Commission as well as lobby meetings and outside activities of current Members of the European Parliament. Lobbypedia is run by LobbyControl (in German) to highlight the influence of lobbyism on politics and the public. AsktheEU was built by the organisation Access Info Europe to help members of the public get information about the EU. You can submit access to documents requests and view those made by others. This is a user-friendly interactive database that provides a unique overview of the lobby meetings of the European Commission since November 2014. Read more By simply clicking on the graphs or the list below users can rank, sort and filter the meetings.

Let's #InnovateSport! US firms spend more on lobbying US politicians and regulators than EU firms.

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kommunikation; tjänster avseende politisk lobbying. information relating to computer gaming entertainment provided on-line from a computer database or a. Sverige och EU anses många gånger vara föregångare gällande miljöfrågor, kampanjer, lobbying, att organisera grupper i samhället och i vissa fall hjälpa till att Chemical Associations (ICCA), och Carbon Disclosure Project, samt är del i. Konsekvenser av en svensk anslutning till EU:s förslag på en gemensam databas (Outer Space Activities Database, OSAD), för att samla och lobbying-verksamhet i avsikt att påverka kodens innehåll och förvaltning i.

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inside-lobbying) eller påverka genom att Legislative Observatory database” (OEIL), som finns på engelska och franska. Conducted, 1985/86, together with F / B and Östersund colleges lobbying towards UHÄ to get East-Asia project, a database for the Swedish Travel Industry. Invitation to join the EU project Partners in Excellence: Towards a joint research  Beslutsfattande, EU-myndigheter, metaorganisation, institutionell förvir- ring, beslutsordning tagens ”lobbying”, och det påpekas att representanter från företaget för- modligen redan varit i in the expert database. Also still for [Ärende C],  covi, CELEX number, identifier for European legal texts in EUR-Lex database an individual lobbyist or lobbying organisation, at the French National Assembly  Today EU's new Digital Agenda was presented by Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

Eu lobbying database

Lobby transparency Corporate Europe Observatory is registered in the EU lobby transparency register under identification number 5353162366-85.
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The relaunch of popular database provides The one-stop classification gateway to the Harmonised Database applied in the EU and databases worldwide. Similarity Assessment of the similarity between goods and services by IP Offices in the EU. The EU transparency register for the European Parliament and the European Commission was launched in the summer of 2011 to better expose outside influence on EU law and decision-making. With around 6,000 organisations signed up as of November 2013, the register, which is not mandatory, allows people to search an online database and see details on how much a company is spending on lobbying. With the exception of Germany, European countries only began experimenting with such tools after 2005, to the effect that currently some form of lobby registration is required in 12 European Union (EU) member states.1 1 The 12 EU member states are: Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom (Grosek & Claros 2016). New database allows tracking of EU lobbying 2nd September 2016 / EU By Corporate Europe Observatory – With the biggest companies now spending 40 per cent more on EU lobbying in 2016 than in 2012, monitoring lobby data is more important than ever to expose the extent of corporate influence over EU decision making. How EU countries regulate lobbying Parliament’s position: focus on more openness The European Parliament’s mandate for the forthcoming negotiations with the Commission and Council, which was adopted by the President and the group leaders, seeks to reinforce and improve the accountability of EU institutions and ensure a transparent and open decision-making process at the EU level. Lobbying in the European Union, also referred to officially as European interest representation, is the activity of representatives of diverse interest groups or lobbies who attempt to influence the executive and legislative authorities of the European Union through public relations or public affairs work.

Intensive lobbying throughout 2020 from ‘real economy’ sectors has extracted significant concessions from the European Commission on its EU Sustainable Finance taxonomy. Today marks 100 days of the new European Commission. A period of breakneck activity, in which lobbyists scramble to get acquainted with the new Commissioners and get to grips with the political priorities of President Von der Leyen. For its first 100 days, the new Commission has published over 1,400 high-level meetings* which are now available for scrutiny on our online platform Integrity 2021-04-17 · Welcome to DeSmog UK’s Air Pollution Lobbying Database, where you can find out about organisations opposing or seeking to weaken planned air quality measures in the most polluted cities, including Clean Air Zones and London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. Lobbying Database Reporting Recipe. We’ve made it easier to sift through thousands of lobbying registration disclosures.
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Eu lobbying database

Integritywatch is run by Transparency International’s EU office and it takes data from MEPs' declarations of interest, from the official EU lobby register, and from the published lists of lobby Integrity Watch - Commission Meetings. This is a user-friendly interactive database that provides a unique overview of the lobby meetings of the European Commission since November 2014. Read more. By simply clicking on the graphs or the list below users can rank, sort and filter the meetings. close.

Section 2 will elaborate on the possible determinants of firm lobbying. Section 3 will Lobbying is defined as any action carried out through legal means to influence public authorities in the legislative process. Failure to register as a lobbying entity results in fines of between EUR 750 and 12,500. The Internal Affairs Ministry maintains the database and ensures its security.
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Jens Kattge, Gerhard 'Kommunal och regional lobbying i Bryssel. Mot nya former av  among the population of European descent (PED) and indigenous peoples and ently to groups with fewer resources and less lobbying capacity. Democratising Source: Bárcena (2009), based on the ECLAC social spending database. 35. EUÄR VÅR BOSTADSPOLITISKA VÄN. 5 Eurostat (2019)., data hämtade 8 har dock genom målmedveten och intensiv lobbying steg för steg skapat en situation  adopted by Member States of the European Union. (d) require, if it does not have a comprehensive ban, the disclosure to relevant In lobbying against plain packaging, it has been argued that the policy will have a  Exempelvis så kräver EU-lagstiftningen att städer underskrider de s k Detta kräver därför lobbying och medvetandeökning på nationell och regional nivå, A database exceeding 8,000 individual commuters is maintained  databases such as the European CORINE land cover database initiated by the as well as other considerations by member states and lobbying organizations,  24 Source:, signed projects, eCORDA H2020 database, May 31 2017 Council European Parliament Commission Lobbying Commission  Graduates of Stockholms universitet - the names, photos, skill, job, location.

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Europe-wide,. lobbyists seem to agree that registration and disclosure should be  9 Jul 2018 In another survey, which covered the EU as well as national‐level European interest representatives, 82 percent agreed that lobbyist disclosure  18 Feb 2021 At a time when Europe and business stand at crossroads, this study provides a perspective into how business representation in the EU has  23 Apr 2013 EU Lobbying and the Emergence of the Registers Although the TR database is freely downloadable, converting it into a usable format  Key words: lobbying, corruption, regulations, European Economic Area, post- the House of Representatives must register for a publicly accessible database. and lobbying in the European Union, with hyperlinks to further sources of information within European Sources Information sources in the ESO database .

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This is a legitimate and necessary part of the decision-making process to make sure that EU policies reflect people’s real needs.

New database allows tracking of EU lobbying over time. With the biggest companies now spending 40 per cent more on EU lobbying in 2016 than in 2012, monitoring lobby data is more important than ever to expose the extent of corporate influence over EU decision making. The relaunch of popular database provides vital new tools for this, including a facility for tracking the lobby spending and Commission meetings of EU lobby actors over several years. New database allows exclusive tracking of EU lobbying over time. September 1st, 2016. by Vicky Cann.